I am Dr. Shihabur Rahman, consultant at LASER DENTAL will talk to you today. We all know that we have to brush twice daily. I would request everyone that during this pandemic, we will not be reluctant to maintain our oral health and continue brushing twice daily. We dentists recommend brushing in the night after your dinner specially and after breakfast. We will wash our brush and hand with soap water before brushing. Don’t forget to clean your tongue after brushing. I will recommend you to use dental floss to remove food particles after every major meal. We will never share our toothbrush and after brushing we will disinfect our hand and toothbrush. Also disinfect sink and tap as well. Every member in your family must use separate container for toothbrush. We will use mouthwash daily.

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I will discuss in detail about mouthwash later. Recently lots of research are being conducted that if mouthwash can prevent CORONA virus. CORONA virus infected people has highest number of virus in their throat. That’s why experts are recommending that it may spread by coughing & sneezing. COVID 19 is an enveloped virus. Enveloped means, it has an outer fatty layer and this layer helps it to multiply in numbers. Research has shown that soap and disinfectant destroys the outer layer of this virus. That’s why it is recommended to use soap and disinfectant frequently. Mouthwashes we use daily contains mainly 3 ingredients: Povidone Iodine, Chlorhexidine & Hydrogen peroxide. A research has been conducted in Japan in 2002 on 23 patients who had previous chronic respiratory disease. These patients undergo daily 4 times gurgling with Povidone Iodine for 2 years. At the end, the research shows 50% reduction of acute respiratory disease in those patients. Other two ingredients Chlorhexidine and Hydrogen peroxide are not as virocidal as Povidone Iodine. Though it’s not yet confirmed that Povidone Iodine destroys COVID 19 virus speccifically. Researchers are trying to do research in this field.

Until we get specific recommendations of mouthwash against COVID 19, we will continue using mouthwash for our safety. We hope that you have liked our video and it will help you a lot. If you have any questions then please call us or email us. If you want to know about modern dental treatments, please visit our website: laserdentalbd.com. If we remain alive, we will meet you again inshallah.

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