Root Canal


Root Canal Treatment Procedures

When decay or disease reaches the pulp of a tooth, you’ll know it. The pain and discomfort that result is unmistakable. The only solution to get rid of them and to save your natural tooth is Root Canal Therapy.

What Is A Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

This procedure restores the strength of your tooth. Your pain and discomfort are gone as soon as your root canal is over, and you have full use of your tooth once again.

We are utilising the most advanced equipments & techniques when performing a Tooth Root Canal Therapy. We are committed to keep you comfortable. We’ll utilise every possible option to make the procedure quick and comfortable.

No matter how badly damaged your teeth are, we are committed to help you restore them. We’ll protect your natural teeth whenever possible. We believe in keeping your teeth healthy from the inside out. We’re here for you when you need a difficult procedure like a Root Canal Therapy.

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How Painful Is A Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal Treatment is performed when the pulp becomes infected or damaged. Dental Pulp is composed of nerves and blood vessels in the tooth. People fear Root Canal Treatment because they assume they are painful.

At LASER DENTAL, we are ensuring painless Root Canal Treatment. We are using Painless Injection System. So that, giving local anesthesia is also painless at our clinic.

How Long Does A Root Canal Take?

Simple or minor Root Canal Treatment cases usually take about 30 to 60 minutes of treatment. While a more complex Root Canal Treatment case takes a longer treatment time of about 90 minutes.

Unlike other dental clinics, at LASER DENTAL– we are offering Single Appointment Root Canal Treatment for almost 95% of cases.

How Many Sittings Are Needed For A Root Canal Treatment?

Most of the people belief that the procedure takes many painful, long sessions at the dentist. It it is simply a myth. If done precisely, around 95% of Root Canal Treatments takes only 1 appointment. Other 5% cases require 2nd appointment, depending on complex anatomy or lac of co-operation.

At LASER DENTAL, we will assure that you will receive your treatment from a Root Canal dentist (Root Canal Specialist).

How Much Does A Root Canal & Crown Cost?

Root Canal cost & Crown cost depends on the facility used, materials used, service provided & expertise of doctor.

At LASER DENTAL, we are utilising world’s no.1 rated equipments and materials. We don’t offer any cheap alternatives. We are focused on best quality treatment & service.


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