Healthy Teeth & Gums

Sometimes basic general dental cleaning are not enough due to the conditions already present in your mouth. Then we must look into a slightly more aggressive form of dental cleaning.

This may sound scary, but truly it is not. The tooth is supported by bone, which in turn supports your gums as well. Over time due to untreated gum & periodontal disease, the bony support can be lost. This causes deeper pockets to develop. Pockets of 2 mm and less are easily taken care with home maintenance such as tooth brushing. When pockets reach 3 mm, we can typically clean them with proper technique of flossing. Pockets of more than 3 mm requires active Periodontal Treatment by a specialist dentist.

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Details Of Periodontal Treatment

What happens when you are looking at 4mm or deeper pockets? Studies show that the amount of plaque and calculus removed from a 4-6 mm deep pocket is only 43% with the best techniques. A 7 mm or greater pocket will only have 32% of the calculus deposit removed. What we know is that any prevention of a deep pocket is the best way to clean it. We prefer an early treatment along with proper education about your disease process, so you can make an informed decision. We utilize Laser therapy which is the most successful approach for Periodontal Treatment.

What Does Periodontal Treatment Involve?

Periodontal Treatment is the special treatment of your teeth and gums by Laser therapy. The procedure involves destroying all bacteria and selectively removing diseased tissue. This help control the gum disease and eventually stops gum bleeding. If done in advanced stages of periodontal disease, the procedure helps to stop further destruction of supporting bone & tissues. Laser Biostimulation therapy helps to regenerate destroyed tissues 5 times faster than normal treatment procedures.


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Can You Fix Periodontal Disease?

The initial stage of periodontal disease starts by bleeding from gums. It is calledGingivitis“. The disease is still reversible at this stage. This gum bleeding can usually be eliminated by careful daily brushing and flossing. If untreated, the disease progress to deeper layer. This more advanced stage of gum disease is calledPeriodontitis“. At this advanced stage the gums and bone that support the teeth become seriously damaged. This stage is irreversible. Definitive periodontal treatment should be undertaken at this stage.

How Much Does Periodontal Treatment Cost?

Cost varies from clinic to clinic. It depends on several factors like type of services offered, quality of materials & equipment utilized.

At LASER DENTAL, we can assure you of best quality service, materials & equipment. We offer completely Painless Periodontal Treatment. Our periodontal treatment is done with the help of Laser therapy.

You will receive specialist care at every steps of periodontal treatment.


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