Why Painless Injection

Dental anxiety and dental phobia are real issues facing the profession. It’s estimated that anywhere from 9 to 15 percent of Americans — 30 to 40 million people — avoid dental appointments due to fear and anxiety, which they commonly link to pain associated with the visit. Dental fear and anxiety keep many patients from getting the treatment they need. In fact, most of the patients avoid dental appointments in general due to fear of needles. But what if there were a way to lessen the anxiety associated with local anesthesia injections during a dental visit?

What Are My Benefits?

Adults would have less reason to avoid appointments, and children would be less likely to act out during a visit. Making anesthesia injections less painful means making the overall dental visit more comfortable, which can only help decrease the fear and anxiety associated with dental appointments and procedures.

At LASER DENTAL we inject our patient with Painless Injection System. So, dental treatment is completely Painless at LASER DENTAL !

Are Dental Injections Painful?

Dentists inject local anesthetics through a thin needle. It is given usually after applying a topical anesthetic gel to the area. The patients rarely feels pain from the prick of the needle used for the injection. You may feel a brief, slight pressure at the point of insertion.

How LASER DENTAL Painless Injection Feels?

At LASER DENTAL, we are offering Painless Injection System.

The Painless Injection System applies a light vibration to the tissues around the injection site. It is used while anesthesia injections are administered. Research has shown that when vibration and injection sensations are occurring simultaneously, the vibration feeling reaches the brain first. This essentially blocks the feeling of the injection from being perceived by the brain. Children and adults no longer have to be afraid of the needle.

95% of the patients that have experienced Painless Injection System say that it has changed their view on dentistry. Injections become completely painless!

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