Night Guard &

Bruxism Guard

Doctor’s View

“If every patient would wear a Night Guard,” Dr. Shihabur Rahman has been overheard saying, “I would have only half of the work that I normally would.” Will a Night Guard prevent a cavity? No, that’s why we have Floss. But it will help prevent the cracks from forming in your teeth from excessive biting pressure or grinding your teeth. It may also called Teeth Guard.

Commonly Encountered Problems

Over the years, we have seen fresh teeth split in half requiring Extraction or Implants. We have seen teeth fractures, some above and some below the bone levels. These teeth fractures necessitating Onlays or Crowns, and sometimes Tooth Lengthening procedures. We observe, on a daily basis, the resultant loss of tooth structure of teeth in both front as well as the back of the mouth. Patients then look to us for help in restoring their original look & function. It is sometimes impossible, even with the efforts of Laser Gum Contouring & Veneers.


The greatest benefit of a Night Guard: Relaxation of your facial muscles. A properly fabricated and adjusted Night Guard will help your muscles be relaxed throughout your sleeping cycle. This muscle relaxation will allow you to wake refreshed from sleep. This type of Night Guard is also called Bruxism Guard. Secondary to relaxation is the lack of pressure placed on the disc between your jaw and your skull. Have you ever had your jaw “click” when you opened or closed your mouth? This is a sign that the disc keeping your bones apart was forced out of place. If this disc is continually stressed by excessive forces, you can have lifelong issues with your jaw. That could actually affect posture, headaches, and muscle tension.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend a Night Guard for virtually every patient.

How Much Is A Night Guard From The Dentist?

Cost varies from clinic to clinic. It depends on several factors like type of services offered, quality of materials & equipment utilized.

At LASER DENTAL, we can assure you of best quality service, materials & equipment. We offer completely Painless treatments experience.

You will receive specialist care at every steps of Night Guard treatment.

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Do Night Guards Really Work?

An effective Night Guard will consistently prevent grinding from further harming your teeth. Night Guards absorb and disperse bite force. It protects the enamel in your teeth from wearing down. Wearing Night Guard can also relieve the tension in your jaw muscles from clenching so hard. So, it acts as a mouth guard as well.

Are Night Guards Bad For Your Teeth?

Clenching teeth during sleeping can damage your teeth. Wearing a Night Guard during sleeping can help keep your top and bottom teeth separated. So they don’t damage each other from the pressure of grinding or clenching. So, it acts as teeth guard. We recommend custom made Night Guard to ensure better fit & comfort for every patient with bruxism.