Dental Filling

Which Dental Filling Is Best?

To date, composite resin Dental Filling is best (Nano hybrid). If micro-etched & infinite margin preparation is done, a modern, advanced composite resin Dental Filling will last for at least 10 years.

Do Cavities Smell?

Dental Cavities do sometimes cause a bad odour in mouth. It doesn’t mean that behind every bad odor in the mouth there is a cavity. It could be a cavity or an infectious process going on under the gums.

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Why Is My Tooth Black Under My Filling?

Cavities are caused by millions of bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. These cavities can have a dark appearance. Dental Fillings and crowns that contain silver amalgam, can cause tooth to appear black in colour.

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Is It Bad To Have A Lot Of Fillings?

A lots of Dental Fillings means you are having trouble to clean your teeth properly. If a cavity if formed, then it must be filled by Dental Filling. So, it is not bad to have a lots of fillings. It is bad to have lots of cavities which are not treated yet.

Do Fillings Hurt Without An Injection?

Usually Dental Filling procedure doesn’t need injection. But if the cavity is very deep, then you might feel sensitivity during removal of decayed tooth material. In these deep cavity cases, your dentist might prefer injection before starting Dental Filling procedure.

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