Dental Bridge

Is It Painful To Get A Dental Bridge?

After making you sufficiently numb, Dental Bridge treatment process is not painful. First step is to prepare the teeth that will anchor the Bridge. Impression is then taken and send to lab for final Dental Bridge. A Temporary Bridge is fabricated in the clinic and cemented to prepared teeth. There is usually little pain afterward.

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How Does A Dental Bridge Work?

A Dental Bridge means that your Dentist prepares natural teeth on both sides of your missing tooth. This is done to help hold your Bridge in proper place.

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How A Dental Bridge Is Placed?

Placing Dental Bridge usually takes one visit. But initially your dentist will prepare natural teeth present on both side of the missing tooth. Then the impression is send to lab. When Dental Bridge comes from lab, initial procedure is to clean natural teeth and Bridge. Then with a suitable cement, your dentist will place the Dental Bridge in place.

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How Do I Clean Under A Dental Bridge?

Use a spongy floss and move it in between the gum and the base of the Bridge. You should use soft back-and-forth motion to remove plaque under the false tooth. Then use floss around the real tooth at the other side of the Bridge. Move the floss up and down to clean the adjacent tooth surface.