Dental Braces

How Much Does Dental Braces Cost?

Dental Braces treatment protocol varies from case to case. Each case is unique. Dental Braces cost varies from clinic to clinic. At LASER DENTAL, we are utilizing world’s no.1 rated Dental Braces system.

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Which Type Of Braces Are The Best?

The most frequently used Braces are:

Metal Braces: These are alloy of high quality stainless steel & other materials.

Ceramic Braces: They are tooth-colored ceramic brackets rather than metal. Ceramic braces are a cosmetic option for many patients. But the drawback is it takes a bit longer time to finish treatment than metal braces.

Self-ligating Braces: They are currently the most advanced Dental Braces system available. Main advantage is, they takes least amount of time to complete the treatment.

How Quickly Do Teeth Move With Braces?

It varies from case to case. We can finish some cases within 6 months, whereas some cases may take 1.5 years to finish.

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Which Braces Delivers Fastest Result?

Modernized Self-ligating Braces. They offer minimum friction and efficient tooth movement.

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Do Braces Permanently Straighten Teeth?

Teeth are not fixed to your mouth. With Braces, you teeth are guided to a new position. When Braces are removed, your teeth no longer have that support. They have a tendency to move back to original position. Your Orthodontist will suggest you a retainer for a specific time to keep the tooth in position. Retainer will also make your teeth used to the new position so that they will not move back.

Do Braces Affect Your Face Shape?

An overbite or excess bite can cause the upper lip to project outwards. It also causes the cheeks to look shrink. Braces change the relationship between your teeth and jaw. The change occurs throughout the lower half of the face. Even minor alignment issues of the teeth can make it embarrassing to smile or laugh. Well executed Braces treatment can bring a significant improvement in your facial appearance.

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Do Braces Change Your Lips?

Certain types of irregularity of teeth and jaw can make your lips look more prominent. They may also forced apart. When Braces treatment will be planned and executed by specialist, you will start to see positive effects on your lips. Braces will change the appearance of your lips gradually. You will love the cosmetic change that Braces brings to your prominent lips.

Do Braces Push Your Teeth Back?

Braces are very efficient at moving teeth. But they can’t move the ligaments that joins your teeth to your jaw bone. So when we remove your Braces, the stretched ligaments have a tendency to move the teeth back to previous position.

Do Braces Damage Teeth?

During removal of Braces by a specialist, there is very minimum chance of damaging your teeth. If the teeth are not cleaned properly, diseases like gum disease, tooth decay occurs. De-calcification (white marks on the teeth) can also result.

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Which Braces Are Best, Metal, Ceramic Or Self-ligating?

Metal Braces move your teeth little faster than Ceramic Braces. Ceramic Braces are faster than Invisalign. In Bangladesh, we have some limitations with Invisalign due to lac of sophisticated Invisalign lab. Self-ligating Brace is most efficient for teeth movement. Metal Braces are little less expensive than Ceramic Braces. Self-ligating Braces are the most expensive.

How Can I Speed Up My Braces Process?

At first, keep your mouth clean. Good oral hygiene can help your teeth to move into new position faster. Good oral hygiene can shorten the treatment time.

Are Braces Painful?

Wearing Braces from your specialist isn’t painful. After each activation procedure, you will feel some kind of discomfort for first 4 days. This discomfort will disappear after 4 days.

Do Braces Make You Look Younger?

Definitely Braces will help you look younger. If you have irregular teeth, Braces treatment will help you improve facial aesthetics. Braces treatment will also correct prominent lips or prominent jaw.

What Is The Best Age For Braces?

Best age for Braces treatment is before completion of growth. But in some cases, we recommend Braces treatment as early as 7-8 years.

Do Braces Make Your Voice Change?

Braces will not affect the voice directly. But it will occupy the space between cheek and teeth. This might affect singing related to lips movements but will not change the voice.

Do Straight Teeth Make You More Attractive?

Bright, straight teeth makes you look more attractive. Study shows that, 37% of people view individuals with irregular or stained teeth as less attractive than those with straighter, brighter smiles. And 25% of them are considered as less confident.