Smile Design

Are You Ready For A Smile Design?

Best teeth veneers in BangladeshWe feel very glad as cosmetic dentist when we discover the amazing change of our patients undergo a complete Smile Design. Emax veneers by celebrity dentist at LASER DENTALTheir entire mouths are restored in just a visit or two, all while they’re relaxing or even sleeping. There’s just no way to outperform that experience.

Emax veneers for digital smile designClick here to view before after gallery at LASER DENTAL.

Smile makeover in BangladeshDr. Shihabur Rahman has researched for years to understand every concern of patients have about their smile. He makes sure & he knows the desired outcome before beginning any Smile Makeover.Cosmetic smile makeover with veneers We utilize Digital Smile Design software to analyae and making treatment plan in the finest way possible ! Best dental clinic in BangladeshEvery decision Dr. Shihabur Rahman makes is based on everything he has learned professionally and all the experience he has earned.

Porcelain veneersAre your teeth grey and dull, in need of whitening? We can help with that. Probably you need old Fillings replaced, multiple Root Canals, or Dental Implants. Whatever it is — Crowns, Gum Color Changing, Veneers, a new Bridge — we can help provide you the smile and healthy mouth you want.


Step 1 – Photo Session

Smile design photographyThe dentist will inspect your teeth, carefully consider your preferences and expectations, and respond to any questions you may have during the intake consultation. Finally, pictures of your facial features and teeth are taken.

Step 2 – Digital Smile Design

Porcelain veneer for hollywood smileThe dentist will examine your face using the specialized DSD program, noting the structure and the distances between your teeth, gums, face, and smile. The dentist will design your perfect smile using this information to generate a Smile Design. Laser dentistry and smile makeoverThis means that without actually performing any procedures, the dentist can demonstrate what your ideal smile will look like to you. If you’re happy with the Smile Design, we can talk about the best ways to implement it.

Step 3 – Digital Mockup

Digital smile design with porcelain veneersSmile specialist will create a “digital wax-up” or “mockup” using the Smile Design software. An even more accurate preview of the final product can be obtained by combining the “wax-up,” photos, and facial analysis.

Step 4 – Try In

Best cosmetic dentist in BangladeshSmile specialist create “mockup” & “shell mockup” based on the Smile Design. A preview of the final product that is even more accurate can be obtained by combining the “wax-up,” photos, and facial analysis. Then the shell will be placed over your teeth to show the final outcome.

Smile design shell mockup

Step 5 – Treatment Plan

You will be presented a treatment plan that details the necessary operations, how long they will take to complete, and how much they will cost. If you’re on board, we’ll begin the therapies.

Step 6 – Aesthetic Procedures (if you agree with the treatment plan)

Your unique dental situation will determine how many appointments you need and how long the procedures will take. The detailed explanation of each phase and the timeline can be found in the treatment plan you were given (step 5).

Step 7 – Veneer Bonding

Porcelain veneer in Bangladesh

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Shihabur Rahman has spent his career developing the technique of perfect Smile Design you deserve. Our goal is to provide you a smile that will change your life. With a Smile Makeover, you’ll get noticed in all aspects of life. Your confidence will rise, and you’ll face the world every day with a dazzling smile.

If you want a Smile Makeover, or if you have any Cosmetic or General Dentistry needs, we are here for you. In just two visits, We can restore your mouth to optimal dental health and glamour with Digital Smile Design.

Procedures involved:

  1. ZOOM! Teeth whitening
  2. Porcelain Veneer
  3. E-max Veneer
  4. E-max crown
  5. Gum lift / Laser gum contouring
  6. Laser gum depigmentation
  7. Smile design with Digital Smile Design software

What Is Digital Smile Design?

The entire concept rests on the analysis of the your facial and dental proportions by Smile Design software. It incorporates preselected series of high quality digital photographs. The software performs diagnostic, planning of treatment processes unique to your specific case.

The Digital Smile Design software’s multi-purpose communication methods stimulate consistent levels of excellence. The sum of it all allows us and you, to create a smile that reflects your own personality and look. This Digital Smile Design practice of cosmetic dentistry is clearly hi-tech and state-of-the-art!

The benefits of using Digital Smile Design
The photos and videos for your smile will be analyzed by LASER DENTAL smile designers. This will ensure a clear understanding of the interconnection and dynamic motion, between your teeth, gums, lips and smile. When designing your smile, digital designs are integrated into photos, creating a detailed sequence with digital ruler. That precisely communicates with exactly what is needed to our smile design team & lab.

Digital Smile Design at LASER DENTAL
LASER DENTAL specialists and clinicians have been using this Smile Design protocol for long time.

LASER DENTAL specializes in the practice of Digital Smile Design. We are aware of the contributing factors that are necessary to your ultimate satisfaction. We assure you to fulfill your expectations beyond the limits of conventional dentistry.


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