Dental Scanner

What Is Digital Dental Scanner?

New Perspectives for the Diagnosis of Caries & for Periodontal treatment!

The advanced Digital Dental Scanner detects Dental Caries in CARIO mode. It is also the only Tooth Scanner that uses auto-fluorescence and selective chromatic amplification. Digital Dental Scanner highlights Gingival Inflammation and to distinguish old and new dental plaque in PERIO mode. Thanks to its high efficiency optical system. It also offers, a unique kind of image quality in DAYLIGHT mode. Three operating modes in one unique Dental Scanner for early detection of diseases. The Tooth Scanner is a minimally invasive diagnostic equipment. The patented concept was developed to assist the dentist during all dental treatment.


A Reliable Diagnosis of Inflammation and Dental Plaque in Perio Mode
Thanks to specific wavelengths ranging from 440 to 680 nm, it features an exclusive PERIO mode for chromatic insight on dental plaque, tartar and gingival inflammation.
The gingival inflammation is indicated with subtle hues ranging from purple-pink to magenta-red depending on its severity. At the same time the new dental plaque appears white and grainy, and the old plaque, on the other hand, ranges from light yellow to orange depending on its mineralization.

An Intuitive Chromatic Mapping in Cario Mode
Whether it is a distinct cavity or a first visual change in enamel, in CARIO mode (450 nm), the caries can be easily identified in bright red and black, the healthy dental tissues on the other hand appear distinctively in black and white.

A Clear Visualization and a Large Depth of Field in Daylight Mode
In DAYLIGHT mode it offers in-depth magnified views: indeed the Macrovision provides a magnification up to 110 times, revealing details otherwise not visible to the naked eye or with radiography. This enables close monitoring of micro fractures and their development. With the preset focus ring and enhanced focal depth each image becomes instantly sharp and precise under every angle of the camera and for each pre-set focal depth. With one click, easily go from Macrovision to one tooth, intra-oral and extra-oral vision.

What Is A Dental Diagnosis?

When you will first visit LASER DENTAL, our consult will have a closure look to every details of your teeth & mouth. We utilize different state-of-the-art digital diagnostic equipment.

At first we will examine with our experienced & clinically efficient eye. Then we will scan every Tooth & Gum tissue with Digital Tooth Scanner to diagnose Dental Caries, Plaque & Gum Inflammation. We can even diagnose different stages & severity of these diseases.

We will also utilise Digital Dental Xray to further examine the extension of diseases where other equipment could not reach. Our Digital Dental Xray system is world’s no.1 & emit lowest possible radiation.

We diagnose diseases with 3 different modes of Digital tooth Scanner. They are as follows:

  1. PERIO mode: Due to the wavelength emitted by Digital Tooth Scanner, the new Plaque is highlighted by its white & grainy characteristic. Old plaque is highlighted by shades of yellow & orange colour.
  2. CARIO mode: Enamelo-dentinal caries are easily revealed by the bright red colour in the CARIO mode. Other surrounding tissue is displayed in black & white colour, thus focusing on the carious lesions only.
  3. DAYLIGHT mode: A preset focus ring replaces the inconvenience of auto-focus & provide sharp images without delay, regardless of the object or the distance.

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