Dental Scaling



What Is Dental Scaling & Polishing?

These are your “typical” dental cleaning procedure called “Dental Scaling & Polishing”. Why do we recommend cleaning your teeth by a dentist after every 3-6 months? Because the environment in your mouth is about as bad as it comes. The environment is extremely conducive to growing bacteria. Uncleaned oral environment allows harmful bacteria to deposit their byproducts and die. We know it may sound horrible, because it is.

How We Do It?

LASER DENTAL Teeth Scaling & Polishing procedure is guided by world’s no.1 Plaque, Calculus scanner. We will assure you of a comfortable & yet minimally invasive dental cleaning procedure.


We recommend to have your Dental Scaling & Polishing every 3-6 months. It is essential for long term disease free good oral health for most of the patients.

Is Scaling Of Teeth Painful?

Does Dental Scaling & Polishing hurt? During Teeth Scaling process, your dentist will numb the gums and tooth roots with a surface local anesthesia. Teeth Scaling & Polishing is a painless & very comfortable procedure.
At LASER DENTAL, we utilize world’s no.1 automatically calibrated Dental Scaling equipment. It ensures maximum comfort during Teeth Scaling procedure.

Is Dental Scaling Necessary?

Research shows that you could reduce 90% of oral diseases if Dental Scaling is done every 3-6 months. The early stages of gum disease are called gingivitis. The bacteria living in the plaque along your gums release toxins. If not treated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis (deeper tissue disease).


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How Much Does Dental Scaling Cost?

Cost varies from clinic to clinic. It depends on several factors like services offered, quality of materials & equipment utilized.

At LASER DENTAL, we will ensure you the best possible service, best materials & specialist care in every step.


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Can You Eat After Dental Scaling?

It is perfectly possible to eat after a Dental Scaling. If possible a delay of about 30 minutes is recommended. After Teeth Scaling, you will feel some sort of sensitivity and discomfort for next 7 days. You can avoid extreme cold or hot food.