When To Consider?

If you suffer from missing teeth, and you have tried dentures and bridges, only to find they don’t fit well, aren’t comfortable, don’t look great. You should consider our famous LASER DENTAL Implant procedure by Dr. Shihabur Rahman BDS, FCPS, FICD (USA), FWFO ( USA).


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Thanks to the technological advancements. This popular teeth transplant permanently fits into your existing smile, and function just like your natural teeth allowing you to bite, smile, talk, laugh, and sing with confidence.

One of the best things about this procedure is once they are in place, you’re likely to forget they’re even there as they need little to no additional maintenance. That’s how natural and secure this type of Tooth Implant feel.
By using a titanium anchor that fuses to the jawbone to create a strong anchor for your new teeth.

With Dental Implant, you never have to worry about those embarrassing denture or missing tooth issues ever again.


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What Are My Options?

The options for dental implant surgery are almost endless. You can replace one missing tooth, a few teeth, or your entire upper or lower set of teeth. Here’s how it works:

Single Implant
If you have one missing tooth, a single replacement is the ideal solution. Here, we install one Implant and with a Crown that looks just like your natural teeth.

Multiple Implants
If you’re missing more than one tooth, but the surrounding teeth are all healthy, multiple teeth replacements are your best choice. Here, we put two new teeth in place and attach the appropriate crowns, which are surrounded by your natural teeth and look just like

What Is LASER DENTAL Implant Experience Like?

If you’re already missing a tooth, we can move straight to preparing for the replacement. If you have a badly damaged tooth that should be removed, we’ll address that, and then we’ll start the new treatments as soon as you’ve recovered.

Next, we’ll insert the anchor and in some cases, we may have to do a bone graft to make sure your jaw has enough stable bone to support the new tooth. We’ll put a temporary healing cap on top of the new tooth to let it heal. As your body heals, your natural bone cells fuse with the anchor— one of the reasons they are so strong and durable.

After you’ve healed, we’ll install the abutment, which is the base that’s going to hold your natural-looking crown. Healing time for this part of the procedure is minimal, so it’s closely followed by attaching the crown securely to the abutment. You’ll end up with a tooth that looks and feels natural in every activity.

How Much Dental Implant Costs?

The Dental Implant cost depends on your individual situation and what your mouth requires. Please visit at LASER DENTAL in Uttara, Dhaka for consultation and review of your mouth. It will allow us to give you an accurate estimate of your tooth implant cost. We can also talk to you about what insurance may and may not cover.

We know that not all our patients can afford cosmetic dentistry right away. So we offer a wide range of payment options. With our convenient financing, you can take care of your dental problems now and pay off the cost of your treatments on a monthly basis. We give our best effort to find the right financial answer to your dental needs.

We never compromise with the quality of Dental Implant, that’s why we utilize world’s best dental implant of Nobel Biocare USA.


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Treatment Plan & Consultation

The first step to undergoing this Tooth Implant surgery is the consultation. This is your chance to ask any questions about the procedure, what to expect from it. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss the cost of undergoing any treatments you need. At this consultation, Dr. Shihabur Rahman will create a patient-centered treatment plan. We will also advice for a CT scan of full mouth to guide the surgery effortlessly. Part of your personalized treatment plan will look at your payment options, including financing.


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About Dr. Shihabur Rahman

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  • Over 100 Five Star Reviews
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Distinguished in the fields of:

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How Much Does A Dental Implant Costs For A Single Tooth?

Dental Implants are expensive. You might want to compare Implants with Bridges and Dentures in terms of cost, comfort, and durability. Implants almost always win in the last two criteria.

At LASER DENTAL we never compromise with quality. That’s why we choose Dental Implants from Nobel Biocare USA. They are expensive but we can assure you of best quality treatment, lifetime international warranty (provided by Nobel Biocare USA) & specialist care.


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What Is The Downside Of Dental Implants?

Dental Implant surgery is very safe treatment procedure, but as with any surgery, complications may occur. But they are very rare and easy to manage by your Implant specialist.

How Painful Is Getting A Dental Implant?

Each individual’s reaction is different from each other but from our experience, most patients have little to no discomfort at all. You can expect to feel some discomfort while placing a Dental Implant. Although discomfort varies from person to person, most patients say it was very little discomfort than they expected.

How Long Does A Dental Implant Last?

Many studies indicate very long lasting survival of Dental Implants. Dental Implants are able to withstand serious stress throughout your lifetime. Crowns can often last between 10 and 15 years before replacement. Dental Implants are better alternatives of Crowns & Bridges.