When to change your toothbrush

When to Change Your Toothbrush?

Most of us are aware that our toothbrushes are not designed to last indefinitely. However, determining whether our beloved bristles are approaching the end of their natural life cycle can be difficult. You may be startled to learn that your toothbrush should be replaced every 12 to 16 weeks, according to manufacturer guidelines and dentist…

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How to brush your child’s teeth | A complete guide | Expert opinion

Regular brushing your child’s teeth is very important to remove plaque. Plaque/tartar is a soft, sticky, and invisible layer of bacteria. Plaque forms on teeth every day. When to start brushing your child’s teeth? Start cleaning your child’s teeth on a regular basis, as soon as they appear. Normal time of their appearance is around…

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How to prevent COVID-19

I am Dr. Shihabur Rahman, consultant at LASER DENTAL will talk to you today. We all know that we have to brush twice daily. I would request everyone that during this pandemic, we will not be reluctant to maintain our oral health and continue brushing twice daily. We dentists recommend brushing in the night after…

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Dental Implant at LASER DENTAL in Uttara

Dental Implants in Bangladesh | LASER DENTAL

Are you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth? Have decided that Dentures or Bridge aren’t for you? Dental Implant is a great, long-lasting alternative that can improve your smile. Dental Implant is a regular treatment procedure in Bangladesh at LASER DENTAL. It also increases the quality of your daily life. Think about how much…

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How to whiten teeth? You can whiten your teeth at home or at dentists office

How to Whiten Teeth | TEETH WHITENING

Many people present to their Dental Clinic or Dentist asking how they can make their teeth whiter. That’s because an improved smile is on most patients’ priority list when visiting the dentist. And bright, white teeth are a significant part of what makes a smile appealing. Teeth Whitening at the dentist is becoming increasingly common, effective,…

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